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What is the point of Vape Mods? Basically a mod is a super large battery built into a case. This makes it the high-tech, premium electronic cigarette. There are other elements that can be included such as a voltage booster known as the “Kick”. The point is that with such a large battery you can vape all day, for several days before you need to recharge it. This gives you the ultimate in Vape Mods, dialed-in to your exact taste with Vape Mods.When you first hold the AR, the first thing you will notice is its solid and firm construction. It fits nicely in your hand, and we feel it is perfect for your every day Vape as it it lives up to it’s name and design. The overall construction of the AR Vape Mod is very solid and durable. The top cap of the AR is 22mm and fits perfectly with most atomizers on the market today. Its current designed only permits the use of an 18650 battery, which may be a downside for some, but for those who are already used to using an 18650 for everyday use we feel this will make a perfect fit to your collection. It’s copper contacts ensure quality and long lasting firing. It has a recessed 510 connector and magnetic switch. We were very pleased with the AR and thought it was well crafted.Overall we feel the AR is a beautifully crafted Mod. Its solid and well built. Its unique design and construction make this Mod a must have for any beginner or veteran Vapers looking for a high quality Mod. The quality of the design and materials makes this an excellent  choice that you will not be disappointed with making. If your having difficulty finding the original and want to save a little money there are many cloned versions on the market today and they may be worth considering. The length of vapor mod batteries vary due to the various sizes of the battery itself (mAh) which is located within the (most commonly) black tube. The width of the eGo style battery can be compared to the width of a Sharpy Marker.Vape Mod  batteries are mostly longer (there are a few exceptions like telescope mods) and wider compared to an eGo style battery (roughly between 19mm and 24mm in diameter)

There’s No Vape Mods Bigger Than Ours!

Theese vape mods are great examples of the type. It fits nicely to the hand and stands on the table, about the size of an electric toothbrush. When you start to get into mods like the Bombshell, you really know that you are not smoking; you are going beyond  Vape Mods ngaging in a totally different activity. They eGo style batteries is most commonly used by people that are new to vaping, people that have discovered the cigarette look alike and are not sure whether vaping is for them and don’t want to spend too much money for something that might not be for them, but also long term vapers that just don’t want anything bigger, or have something that is easy to take with them.Mods are larger and most commonly used by people that found vaping is the thing for them and want to use E-cigs long term, they are used by the more advanced user, and or people that are looking for that little bit extra they can not get out of an eGo style battery that dont work with Vape Mods.We offer the best flavored e-liquid which is 100% VG Based E-liquid at the lowest possible prices! It is some of the best tasting flavored e-liquid around! We use all 100% USA made ingredients for our e-liquid so there is no compromise on quality!  We also offer cheap e-cigarette starter kits for only $9.99! But Don’t let the price fool you. The E-Cigarette Starter Kits we carry are guaranteed to satisfy your vaping needs! They are a great intro vape device to get you started without breaking the bank! The quality of our flavored E-liquid is top notch. The E-cigarette starter kits are some of the best quality starter kits around! Our RDA’s are made by some of the best e-cigarette manufactures in the world! Also, don’t forget to check out our vape mods which are some of the best devices on the market!The Bombshell is really tough and boasts a really durable tube of solid metal. You can use it to drop the e-liquid directly with an atomizer or build on it as a mod that integrates the Kick Power Control Adapter to your battery in an awesome way. It comes with a kit including one battery, which may be all you ever need. Attach it to your personal choice of atomizer, cartomizer or tank and it’s truly the ultimate premium electronic cigarette!

Aspire Atlantis Tank Review



Aspire Atlantis Tank

Aspire Atlantis Tank is the newest sub ohm tank to hit the market. If you are looking for a sub ohm style atomizer, with great vapor, and great flavor, then the Aspire Atlantis Tank has had nothing but great reviews from our staff and customers.

Aspire brings a next generation tank for subohm vaping; Aspire Atlantis. Aspire has raised the standard to new level in vape market. Aspire Atlantis is an adjustable airflow tank with subohm coils which provides performance even similar to the best rebuild-able tanks. With the new improved sub ohm bottom vertical coils you will get evenbetter vaping experience, taste and vapor production. The brand new Aspire Atlantis Tank. With the success of the Nautilus tanks, Aspire have decided to push themselves further by creating a tank which which is capable of matching the rebuildable atomizers. With the ability to go as low as 0.5 ohms and handle up to 30 Watts of power, we’re looking at an innovative and high quality tank. Atlantis is an easy to carry design tank , easy to install and refill. Aspire’s Atlantis has raised the bar to new heights. This next generation tank system brings improved adjustable airflow and Sub Ohm coils that provides performance similar to even the best rebuildable atomizer. By enhancing Aspire’s Bottom Vertical Coil design Vapers will experience better taste and vapor production. Aspire’s Atlantis Tank design is easy to carry, install, and refill.

Aspire Atlantis Tank Package Includes:

  • 1x Complete Atlantis
  • 1x Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1x Replacement atomizer head
  • 2ml capacity
  • 22mm x 70.3mm
  • Pyrex tank/stainless steel construction.
  • .5ohm coil

Erlkönigin Atomizer RTA

Erlkönigin Atomizer RTA

Erlkönigin Atomizer RTA

Erlkönigin Atomizer is the newest RTA to hit the USA market. The Erlkönigin Atomizer is from Austria and is a bottom feeding atomizer that is reviewed to be better than the Russian 91 and the Kayfun. We have done a review on the Erlkönigin Atomizer and will report the features, specs, and how well it performs.

Erlkönigin Atomizer Review

In our review of the Erlkönigin RTA Atomizer, we found this tank to be especially well performing, excellent taste, and great vapor production with the adjustable airflow control. One of the great things that we liked about the Erlkönigin Atomizer, is that it is a top fill RTA tnak that allows you to fill your 6ml tank from the top and not the bottom like other RTA atomizer tanks. In our opinion, the Erlkönigin Atomizer is a great atomizer for the price that will give you superior taste, good vapor production, and a huge tank that you can vape all day long without filling.

Erlkönigin RTA Tank Erlkönigin Atomizer RTA

Erlkönigin Atomizer Features Specs And Reviews

At it’s heart it uses a ‘chimney’ section similar to the way the Kayfun or the Spheroid does to provide a vaporizing chamber that the wick and coil sit inside to greatly improve the vapor production and flavor production.  It has a high capacity tank about 6ml of e-liquid and is filled from the top of the Erlkönigin Atomizer.  It also has a unique 45-degree twist top to open and close the fill ports. (one port to let liquid in while the other lets the air in the tank out) making filling it very simple.  It’s clever design means that it uses almost every last drop of liquid in it’s tank. We think that the quality of vape you get from these is equal to or better than a Kayfun and they hold more e-liquid and are easier to fill. Like any high end rebuildable device the vape quality will vary depending on how good the installed coil is.  For rebuilding coils for these we recommend 1mm EkoWool and 0.25mm Kanthal wire, though you can easily use other silica, or cotton and any preferred resistance wire without issue as long as you use a very small about in the Erlkönigin Atomizer channel.  The Erlkönigin Atomizer uses a standard 510 connection and via the use of an adapter can take a standard 510 drip tip, or if you prefer it’s own native screw in drip tips.The Erlkönigin Atomizer has integrated airflow control and an insulated build deck. Each Erlkönigin Atomizer has a unique serial number on the chimney itslef. The standard Erlkönigin Atomizer comes with a frosted polycarbonate tank. The  top cap twist section, top cap, chimney section (with serial number), wick ring, frosted polycarb tank, base section, airflow control ring)As well as the standard atomizer we also offer an Erlkönigin atomizer with the standard tank replaced with a glass tank is one of the best rebuildable atomizer tanks you can buy.

2Six Mod Review

2Six Mod Review Tarsius Customs

2Six Mod Review 

2Six Mod is the newest 26650 mod from Tarsius Customs. The 26650 mods are becoming more and more popular. We decided to do a 2Six Mod Review and give you our honest feedback on how well the 2Six Mod reviews for the price, as well as the performance of the mod. After testing the 2Six Mod, we found that teh simplicity of the 2Six Mod is very easy to use. The 2Six Mod uses a hybrid top cap that is direct to atty and a magnetic button with adjustable plastic delrin to adjust for different battery sizes. After our reviews, we found the 2Six Mod to have excellent performance, and a great smooth throw. If you are looking for a great authentic 26650 mod, the 2Six mod is a definite pick up! You can the 2Six Mod Tarsius Customs directly from! twosix ss box 2Six Mod Review Tarsius Customs

Authentic Stainless Steel 2Six Mod by Tarsius Customs

*SERIAL NUMBERS ARE CHOSEN AT RANDOM. As with all mods, there may be certain design changes that differ slightly from the picture. Logo/graphics, engravings, and color may be slightly different, as well. All functions and features will remain the same unless otherwise noted.

2Six Mod Includes:
– (1ct) 2Six Mod (26650) by Tarsius Customs
– (1ct) Tarsius Customs box

2Six Mod Specs:
– Made in the Philippines
– Similar to the Prime Mod but made for a 26650 battery
– Stainless body
– Stainless top cap & button
– Mechanical switch
– Serial numbered

Copper Manhattan

Copper Manhattan Mod Review

Copper Manhattan Mod Review

Copper Manhattan Mod Review shows that Ameravape did an outstanding job on this competition mod. In our Copper Manhattan Mod Review we were able to blow some serious clouds with our 454 Krytonite dripper. If you are looking for a great, Copper Manhattan Mod Review, pick up the ALL copper Manhattan mod from Vapor Hub for some low prices, and the only one that still has the Copper Manhattan Mod in stock.

Copper Manhattan Copper Manhattan Mod Review

Country of Origin:  USA

From Ameravape Technologies:  ”Competition Use Device”


Material:  7035 Aircraft Billet Aluminum (Copper Colored)  Not made with real copper

Brass Switch

Diameter: ~1 inch

Height:  3 ¼ inches


Thick wall design to add to the durability and electrical conductivity of the Mod

A powerful “rare-earth” magnet button design with a built in fail safe to ensure this Mod cannot fail “On”

The Manhattan is the only Mod on the Market today that has as many material and color options

Copper contacts

Delrin insulators

AmeraVape Technologies “The Manhattan” Made in the USA

If you are looking for the hardest hitting Premium Mod on the market than look no further. AmeraVape’s “The Manhattan” is an un-regulated 18650 Mod. This Mod is precision machined with “state-of-the-art CNC machines. Each Mod is meticulously hand de-burred and each Mod goes through a rigorous 50 point inspection of every part to ensure durability, beauty and overall premium functionality of each device. “The Manhattan” is Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Standard Features on the Copper Manhattan Mod:

  • The Manhattan measures almost 1in in diameter; standing 3 ¼ in tall
  • Thick wall design to add to the durability and electrical conductivity of the Mod
  • A powerful “rare-earth” magnet button design with a built in fail safe to ensure this Mod cannot fail “On”.
  • The Manhattan is the only Mod on the Market today that has as many material and color options.
    • Standard model comes in 7035 Aircraft Billet Aluminum.
    • The firing button: Brass
    • Every part on “The Manhattan” is individually re-orderable.

AmeraVape Technologies spent almost one year in development of “The Manhattan”. This device is for the experienced user and will out-perform all of the competition in its class. We have tested this device up to 50 amps of current with 20 gauge coils.

Please list in comments what color body you would like and what color you would like for bottom button and top cap. Please see photos for just some of the color combos we thought looked great together.

Copper Manhattan Mod Attention:

Does not include atomizer (pictured), battery or charger. This is only for mod device which includes one body, one top cap, and one bottom button.

Copper Manhattan Mod Review Specs

  1. Copper Manhattan Mod Body
  2. Copper Manhattan Mod Top and Bottom Cap
  3. Copper Firing Button
  4. Copper Contacts loaded in the Copper Manhattan
  5. Derlin Isolator in the Copper Manhattan Mod

AmeraVape Technologies The Manhattan Made in the USA

If you are looking for the hardest hitting Premium Mod on the market than look no further. AmeraVapes The Manhattan is an un-regulated 18650 Mod. This Mod is precision machined with state-of-the-art CNC machines. Each Mod is meticulously hand de-burred and each Mod goes through a rigorous 50 point inspection of every part to ensure durability, beauty and overall premium functionality of each device. The Copper Manhattan Mod Review is Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Standard Features on the Copper Manhattan Mod Review:

  • The Manhattan measures almost 1in in diameter; standing 3 in tall
  • Thick wall design to add to the durability and electrical conductivity of the Mod
  • A powerful rare-earth magnet button design with a built in fail safe to ensure this Mod cannot fail On.
  • The Manhattan is the only Mod on the Market today that has as many material and color options.
    • Copper Body
    • The firing button: Copper
    • Every part on The Manhattan is individually re-orderable.

AmeraVape Technologies spent almost one year in development of The Manhattan. This device is for the experienced user and will out-perform all of the competition in its class. We have tested this device up to 50 amps of current with 20 gauge coils.

Attention: Copper Manhattan Mod Review not include atomizer, battery or charger. This is only for mod device which includes one body, one top cap, and one bottom button.

Vamped Vapor Cells Review

Vamped Vapor Cells Review

Vamped Vapor Cells Review

Vamped Vapor Cells Review was done on an internal testing on my Ar Mod, and let me tell you, I have been running Sony VCT5 batteries and the 40 Amp Vamped Vapor cell reviews way better! The Vamped Vapor Cells Review I did outperformed the Sony VCT5 night and day. The 40 Amp 18650 battery packed a serious punch right out of the gate. The amps stayed consistent until it died. The 40 amp Vamped battery stayed consistent throughout using my Vape Jam on my Ar Mod. I have since switched over to only using Vamped Vapor cells fora powerful 40 amp battery. If you are looking for a supercharged battery for your mods, then pick up a 40 amp Vamped Vapor cell after our review. I highly recommend picking up some 40 amp Vamped Vapor cells and review for yourself and find out how powerful these bad boys are!

Wholesale Batteries 18650

Wholesale 18650 Batteries – Get Mod Batteries Wholesale 

Wholesale 18650 Batteries  are now available from Vapor Hub as well as many other products that are available for distribution. There are many new 18650 batteries that hit the ground running in the states and have been selling very fast that in the USA as well as World Wide. The Vamped 18650 battery is a new 18650 vape battery that is 40 amp and currently the strongest and most powerful battery for mechanical mods that is available in large volume with shipping times of 1-2 business days. If you are looking to get Wholesale 18650 Batteries , then Vapor Hub can supply you with many options of wholesale 18650 Batteries that sell very well in Vapor Stores nationwide, as well as World Wide. If you have a vapor shop and looking to carry the newest 18650 Batteries, and get more customers into your shop, then you need to pick up some of the newest Wholesale 18650 Batteries  like the Vamped 40 amp 18650 battery that we have available at Vapor Hub International. We have a team of experienced employees who seek out the newest, and most innovative batteries that come to the market.

vamped products 300x300 Wholesale Batteries 18650


Wholesale 18650 Batteries For Mechanical Mods

These Wholesale 18650 Batteries are some of the highest top performing batteries that consumers are seeking out to use in their mechanical mods.  We also have many Wholesale 18650 Batteries  that are international like the LG, Sony VCT5, and many more that are readily available for distribution and wholesale. All the Wholesale 18650 Batteries  that we sell are authentic, and premium quality performance batteries that vape consumers strive for. Vapor enthusiast are looking for the newest products on the market, that have reputable reputation that drive more customers into your vapor store. The custom engineered Vamped 40 amp battery is the newest, and most powerful 18650 vape battery to hit the industry that drives consumes into your store to pickup anywhere from 2-4 18650 batteries at a single purchase. Contact a Vapor Hub International representative today to get you Wholesale Drippers as well as many other popular items to stock your vape shop today. Click the link – Vapor Hub International to contact us for Wholesale 18650 Batteries , or go to the Contact page to submit your inquiry for Wholesale 18650 Batteries  and we will contact you within 24 hours. If you are looking for other items wholesale like the Limitless Mod Wholesale please send us an email at – and we can help support you.

vamped 1 300x300 Wholesale Batteries 18650

4Nine Mod

4Nine Mod

4Nine Mod

4Nine Mod is the newest mod that is very small and compact coming out of the Philippines. If you are a looking for a mod with a seamless design, lightweight, no top pin, and a floating bottom magnetic button, then the 4Nine Mod is the mechanical that you want with a very low voltage drop!!!!

This innovative mod by Tarsius Customs boasts an incredibly small form factor (just 49mm tall in 18350 mode) and a hybrid connector top cap for minimal voltage drop . 
Please make sure to use a BUTTON TOP battery with this mod! Flat top batteries can possibly cause the mod to short and ruin the magnets!!!

Its here! The smallest mod on the market by Tarsius customs in the Philippines. It can be run in 18350, 18490, or 18650 mode. It features a magnetic button, and when you put any atty on top it is in hybrid mode! Your 510 pin on your atomizer makes direct contact with the top of your battery.

4nine Mod Kit does NOT include batteries, you will need to buy some in order to use this mod.

 4 nine mod mech 18350 4Nine Mod

4 Nine Mod Specs And Features

  • 304 Stainless Steel body on 4Nine Mod
  • 4Nine Mod Is Made in the Philippines
  • Brass Top Cap and Button on the 4Nine Mod
  • Custom hybrid connection on the top 4Nine Mod
  • No Positive and Negative Pins
  • No Bottom Threads and spring on the 4Nine Mod
  • Magnetic switch for firing button on 4Nine Mod
  • Modular mod with battery extensions on the 4Nine Mod
  • Serialized SS Tube on the 4Nine Mod
  • SS Extension Tubes on the 4Nine Mod
  • Brass top cap on the 4Nine Mod
  • Brass Button on the firing button
  • Magnet switch on the 4Nine Mod

4Nine Mod Reviews

4Nine Mod By Tarsius Customs is the newest and smallest magnetic mod on the market right now! The 4 Nine Mod is an 18650, 18490, and 18350 tube mod with a floating magnetic button, and no top pin to fit all batteries. The seams on the 4Nine Mod is one of the most precision machined mod out on the market right now. When you change the tubes on the 4Nine Mod Tarsius Customs, you cannot see any seems and looks like one solid tube. This is a rare mod to find, and we have limited inventory on the 4Nine Mod. If you are looking for a brass 4 nine mod check out Vapor Hub for Brass 4Nine Mod and Authentic Copper 4Nine Mod.

Case For Mods

Protective Case For Mods

Protective Case For Mods

If you are looking for a Protective Case For Mods, then you need to check out the mod carrying case by Vapor Hub! This protective case for your mod has a padded case with 5 slot features to put all of your mods in. There is also a section of elastic straps that allows you to put your RBA, Tanks, Drippers, eliquid, and many more opportunities in your Protective Case For Mods! Start protecting all those expensive vapor mods, and get the best USA made mod bag by Tac Mods, USA! If you are looking for a vape case to protect your mods, the vape case from Vapor Hub is one of the best Vape Cases out there on the market! Get the bes tvape case on the market, made in the USA, and protect your mods with this padded vape case!!!

Protective Case For Mods Protective Case For Mods


Carrying Case For mods that protects Vapor mods! 

Best EGO Starter Kit

Best Ego Starter Kit

Best Ego Starter Kit Online

Best Ego Starter Kits are hard to find if you are looking for a lot of reviews. Ego kit users always says that if you believe that you are happy, then you are happy, regardless of what anyone else may believe about your situation when you quit smoking cigarettes!  EGO Kit users are partially right and slightly off base when talking about the Best EGO Starter Kit.  If you are happy but putting your health at risk, you are engaging in a behavior that will ultimately end in your unhappiness.  Smoking cigarettes is an activity that has been making people feel great for a very long time with its soothing repetitive action and nerve calming effects of nicotine produced by tobacco smoke, but now that we know the tremendous health repercussions that are a real and almost certain outcome of smoking toxic and carcinogenic cigarettes, smoking has become an activity that Daddy can not endorse, no matter how happy it makes you when you do it. Vaping with the best EGO starter kit, on the other hand, is something that ego kit users can get behind.  You can wear clothes in any time; don’t let a date stop you from using the color opf EGO battery. If you love the way you look in smokers who use the Best Ego Starter Kit it as often as you like! No one in this day and age is going to say anything to you about it when you stop smoking cigarettes. This pattern tends to make your body look younger when you stop smoking. Instead, wear clothing with vertical patterns, which appear to elongate your body and make you seem younger when you starter using Best Ego Starter Kit.

Best Ego Starter Kit At Cheap Prices

EGO T Tank Best Ego Starter Kit

 cheap but some of the Best Ego Starter Kits

Do not trust the size of the kits and the atomizers in the kits of others. Don’t purchase any other starter kits until you’ve tried Smokeless Delite. Sizes have no bearing on set measurements any more unless you get the CE7. They vary a lot between brands of EGO starter kits. If purchasing your Best Ego Starter Kit online is your best choice, use their size chart. Also look for if you buy can be returned. EGO Starter Kit does not have to be out of reach. This can be a ton of fun. Use the information you learned here and you can look great. When you choose to eliminate tobacco cigarette smoking from your life the way you eliminate cigarettes from your life that you are finally able to life your life freely without a smell of cigarette smoke anymore.  Get the nasty old cancer sticks out of your life for good, and replace a terrible habit with a delicious one.  You can still enjoy the action of smoking and the deliciously soothing effects of nicotine without ever being exposed to old fashioned tobacco smoke. The best EGO  starter kit from Revolver will include all the items you need in order to start vaping right away, and completely enjoying the experience.  You deserve the very best EGO  starter kit, and is just the place to find it.  Life is too short to waste time on smoke breaks, or to step out of important events and outtings in order to find the nearest designated smoking area.  When you know there is an ecig on hand in your purse or pocket, it is so much easier to resist the urge to step out and exile yourself from normal life.

EGO Starter Kit Best Ego Starter Kit


Reviews Of The Best Ego Starter Kit

Continue down the path of awesomeness toward the light at the end of the tunnel when you stop smoking cigarettes and get the Best Ego Starter Kit ever. Getting ahead in this life is hard enough without the issue caused by old fashioned tobacco cigarette smoking.  When you walk into the joint smelling of nasty old fashioned tobacco cigarette smoke, there is almost no mistaking you for a man of distinction on where to buy Best Ego Starter Kit.  Get ahead with the best EGO  starter kit by your side to help make every aspect of your day just a bit easier.  Nobody is going to make these excellent decisions for you, and if you are a person who is ready for a better quality of life, you are clearly ready to get old fashioned tobacco out of your life for ever.

egotkit Best Ego Starter Kit

Buy the Best Ego Starter Kit From Smokeless Delite

It need not be hard to become vaper with the new Smokeless Delite EGO Kit. When you arm yourself with some good advice, this stuff just becomes second nature. The blog post you’re about to read contains many tips and tricks of your EGO Starter Kit class. Continue reading in order to gain this article for the EGO Starter Kit advice you want. Sheer ego kits can be sexy, but don’t forget modesty when vapping.  Dark color ego starter kits help emphasize your good parts and tone down the look of mods  you don’t want to draw attention to. Do not seek perfection in terms of EGO Starter Kit. If you are trying to achieve perfections, you lose the freedom to be yourself.Some fantastic looks can be found on the greatest EGO Starter Kit ideas come from people that include a simple “flaw” and an otherwise EGO Starter Kits. EGO Starter Kit is more than the clothing. What some don’t realize is that your hair can detract from the most beautiful Ego Starter Kit!!!