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American Blue Tip is a new company on the web that is promoting its starter kit with a portable carrying charger and complete starter kit. What is the real story with American Blue Tip? Well it  looks to be a commercial dominant campaign which is a highly promoted by other affiliate company. They have the old style direct response layout website with a strongly promoted web site from a TV commercial. But what is American Blue Tip doing that is so special that other smokeless cigarette companies are not doing? Is American Blue Tip even a high quality smokeless cigarette?

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The reason why American Blue Tip does not advertise the price of their  smokeless cigarette, is because they want you to call their 1-800 numbers and have a sales person sell you on their  smokeless cigarettes.  They might also be  promoted all over the internet with fake and unreliable e-cigarette reviews. They are paying affiliates about 10% for them to promote their products on their review site and push sales because they will give them a kick back for sending customers over to their website.

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American Blue Tip affiliates promote and push traffic with reviews on their e-cigarettes without even reviewing them. So how do you know you are even going to get a good product from American Blue Tip if their  reviews are not true. If you want a trusted company that has been around for over 3 years, and have a huge  customer base with great reviews. Go to or click products at the top of this  blog to review some of the best selling smokeless cigarettes on the web! Smokeless Delite  will also tell you all the prices of their starter kits on the web site that start as low as $24.99!

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You can check out other reviews on some of the best electronic cigarettes on the market by going over to an smokeless cigarette review site: and see  who has the absolute best smokeless cigarettes on the web. You might be surprised that it is not American Blue Tip!

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