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American Blue Tip Review-See if is Right for you

American Blue Tip is a new company that is selling an electronic cigarettes with a Blue tip on the end of the battery. They are a company that has a commercial on television promoting their smokeless cigarette on television networks such as the Game Show network, life, and other tv commercial spots. They have a portable carrying charger with a blue tip on the smokeless cigarettes. But how much is it? How good is it? Notice the commercial does not show any prices…BUYER BEWARE!!

How much does the American Blue Tip Cost?

The American Blue Tip commercial tells you to call their 1-800 number to get a “free trial”. But I can tell you that there is no such thing as a “free trial”. It will end up costing you more than any other smokeless cigarette on the market. Why? Because they sucker you into calling their 1-800 to listen to a sales agent pressure into buying their e-cig on a “free trial”. They up getting your credit card info and charge you over $150 for a starter kit. After 2 weeks of the “free trial”, it gets better, American Blue Tip turns around and charges your credit card another $75 a month for a couple packs of American Blue Tip cartridges on auto ship. American Blue Tip Does Not really Sound Free to me!!!

American Blue Tip-A trusting Deal?

Smokeless Delite lets you know their prices up front on the web site- unlike American Blue Tip and Smokeless Delite does not automatically sign you up for any auto ship charges unlike the American Blue Tip Company! Smokeless Delite also offers many discounts on starter kits, and email coupons for you to save money on future purchases like Blue Tip batteries.

How good is the American Blue tip?

The American Blue Tip is an imported smokeless cigarette that simply has a blue tip on the electronic cigarette instead of a red tip. It can be classified into 3 categories for the American Blue Tip Review. Vapor quality, Battery life,and overall score.

Vapor Quality American Blue Tip- 6 out of 10

The American Blue tip review of the vapor quality was not that great, the smokeless cigarettes did not produce a lot of vapor compared to other regular smokeless cigarettes or blue tip electronic cigarettes. The American Blue tip did not last as long as we thought they would. They say that their cartridges last about 2 packs of cigarettes, we found the cartridges to last less than 1 pack of cigarettes.

Battery Life of the American Blue Tip- 6.8 out of 10

Battery life of the American Blue Tip review was good, only because of the portable carrying charger was able to keep the smokeless cigarettes charged when you wanted to. My review was not what I expected and think that there are better electronic cigarette batteries out on the market.

Overall Review of the American Blue Tip -6.4 out of 10

The American Blue Tip Review gave it a 6.4 out of 10. It was good, but on the best electronic cigarette on the market. The vapor was not the best, battery life was ok, but for the price of their products, it was average. There are betters smokeless cigarettes out on the web right now, and you can even find them with a Blue Tip. The best smokeless cigarette that we found was one where the cartridges are American made . Check out Smokeless Delite – WWW.SMOKELESSDELITE.COM , or Google smokeless cigarettes to find other electronic cigarettes.

Other Reviews besides American Blue Tip-

There are other review sites that you can read about Blue TipĀ  smokeless cigarettes, but the searching will take you hours…Or you can go over to a smokeless cigarette review site that will show you the best electronic cigarettes on the market at: Some of these reviews might shock you, like how American Blue Tip might not be the best smokeless cigarette on the web…

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smokelesscigarettes 300x161 American Blue Tip Price | American Blue Tip Reviews and Cost

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blackbattery American Blue Tip Price | American Blue Tip Reviews and Cost

American Blue Tip Review by Smokeless Delite

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