Burnt Taste From Atomizer

Getting A Burnt Taste From Atomizer?

If you are getting a Burnt Taste From Atomizer then this means that you are either out of e-liquid in your atomizer / cartridges or clearomizer. There could also be some other factors that come into consideration then getting a Burnt Taste From your Atomizer. If you are using a CE4 atomizer, or another other atomizer with your own e-liquid, you might have a to high of a density e-liquid. If your e-liquid is a 100% VG (vegetable glycerin), then this could be clogging your atomizer. You can try and clean your atomizer to remove this burnt taste, or your can give your atomizer a dry burn with no eliquid to remove some of the thick e-liquid that might be clogging your atomizer. You can use water, or rubbing alcohol to remove some of this left over e-liquid on your atomizer. This will not harm of damage your atomizer, but simply help clean the burnt leftover eliquid.

EGO T Tanks Burnt Taste From Atomizer

Reomving Burnt Taste From Atomizer

If you are still getting a Burnt Taste From Atomizer then most likely the coils and the wick could be burnt. If this is the case, you need to buy a new atomizer. Don’t worry, this is not the end of the World! Atomizer are only about $12 and can dramatically make the taste and hit of your e-liquid taste way better, and get rid of that Burnt Taste From Atomizer! If you want to purchase a new atomizer, then Smokeless Delite is your choice for top notch atomizers, atomizer tanks, DCT, cirus tanks, ismoka, and may other top notch tanks for your EGO or any other mod kits. If you have a a basic electronic cigarette and have the older 306 atomizers, and are looking to upgrade to a new kit that you can vape stronger, harder, and longer, then check out the EGO-T starter kitfrom Smokeless Delite. We have the best tanks, and e-liquid for all your vaping needs!

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Learn How TO Get Rid Of Burnt Taste From Atomizer!

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