Celebrities Who Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

What Celebrities Smoke Smokeless Cigarettes?

There have been a lot of celebrities in the past couple years who have used electronic cigarettes in movies, in person, on stage, or just for personal use to reduce their nicotine intake from smoking cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are the newest and hostess trend among celebs  because they can be smoked indoors, on set, in public places where smoking is not allowed, and more importantly, it is just a new trend that they are starting because it is a healthier movement and celebrities like to make a PR movement towards things that are better for them, and make a good impact on the environment and the community. There are a lot of celebrities using electronic cigarettes right now that we have proof of, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of other celebs who use electronic cigarettes that we do not have pictures of. Check out which Celebrities Who Smoke Electronic Cigarettes!

Celebs Smoking Electronic Cigarettes-

Celebs are smoking electronic cigarettes more than ever, and even in public. We have caught a few celebrities smoking electronic cigarettes, and here are some of the pictures, and videos of the celebrities using smokeless cigarettes in public places like in Hollywood, New York, Chicago, and even on vacation!

Britney Spears uses Electronic Cigarettes

celebs using electronic cigarettes Celebrities Who Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Celebs smoking electronic cigarettes

Britney Spears was another celebrity seen using an e-cigarette while on vacation. She has kids, and knows that smoking cigarettes is dangerous, and using electronic cigarettes is a better option for her, and for her kids. Brittany Spears is just one of the A Lister celebs using electronic cigarettes! This is a pretty big celebrity who uses the electronic cigarette.

Johnny Depp Smokes E-Cigarette in Movie- The Tourist

You can see this well known Celebrity using a smokeless cigarette in his Movie, The Tourist. Johnny Depp is one of the biggest actors to use an e-cigarette in a movie. Some poeple have reported Johnny Depp using his e-cig in public as well! It is great to see actors using e-cigarettes in public, and hopefully we will see more celebs using smokeless cigarettes in movies!

Lindsay Lohan Uses Electronic Cigarette in Public!

celebs using E Cigarette Celebrities Who Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Celebrity Using Electronic Cigarette

Lindsay Lohan is another celebrity that has been seen using her e-cigarette in public. Lindsay Lohan has been an avid smoker for years. Since in the spot light for her wild actions, drug use, and stealing, she has been trying to clean up her act. One good start is to stop smoking cigarettes, and replace with a smokeless cigarette. It is always great to see an actress or celebrity using electronic cigarettes, especially when she is trying to clean up her act!

Leonardo DiCaprio A List Celebrity Smokes E-Cigarette


celebs Smoking E Cigarette Celebrities Who Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Celebs smoking e-cigarette

Leonardo DiCaprio was recently seen smoking an e-cig while riding his bike in New York. Leonardo DiCaprio is a major celebrity and one of the first celeb to use electronic cigarettes, and start the hot trend of celebrities using e-cigarettes! Leo was also been seen using his smokeless cigarette at poker tables, and in Vegas. If you want to fit in with the hottest celeb, start using electronic cigarettes like your favorite celeb! This is one huge A list celebrity that uses an electronic cigarette!

Katherine Heigl Uses Smokeless Cigarette on David Letterman Show

Katherine Heigl was on the David Letterman show, smoking her electronic cigarette. She has recently reported that she needed to quit smoking, and she has made her conscious attempt to quit smoking, by using an e-cigarette. She has been seen using her electronic cigarette in public places like the park, and even on set of her next movie! She has reported since that she has completely quit smoking, and gives her thanks to her smokeless cigarette. If a hott celebrity like Katherine Heigl uses an electronic cigarette, than you know it is a great tool!

Paris Hilton Using Electronic Cigarette

celeb Smoking E Cigarette Celebrities Who Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

actress electronic cigarette

Paris Hilton is another celebrity that was seen smoking a Smokeless Delite electronic cigarette at a Hollywood Club. Paris Hilton was introduced to Smokeless Delite in 2009, and has been using the Smokeless Delite brand e-cigarette ever since! Even though she is not a huge celebrity  she is still a celebrity that uses an electronic cigarette instead of smoking real cigarettes, probably because she cant smoke in all the clubs that she attends.

Charlie Sheen Smokes Smokeless Delite E-Cig

celebrity E Cigarette Celebrities Who Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

celeb e-cigarettes

Charlie Sheen, the wild child started using the Smokeless Delite e-cigarette after his major breakdown on TV, getting fired on Two and a Half Men, and a known chain smoker. Charlie Sheen was given a Smokeless Delite starter kit after seeing how much he chained smoked. After Charlie received his Smokeless Delite smokeless cigarette, he has been using it quite often. Charlie Sheen and many other celebs are using electronic cigarettes more frequently. Isn’t it time you made the switch from nasty cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, just like the celebs!!! Celebrities Electronic Cigarettes means it is popular!

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