E-cigs at Mall Kiosks – Electronic Cigarettes at the Mall

E-Cigarettes mall kiosks electronic cigarettes at mall e-cigs kiosks mall

Have you seen these electronic cigarettes at mall kiosks?

If you have been to the mall recently you have probably seen e-cigs or electronic cigarettes at mall kiosks for sale. These electronic cigarettes that are being sold at mall kiosk are usually cheap China made e-cigarettes and way over priced e-cigs. I have personally bought one of the e-cigs at the mall to try and test out their e-cigarettes. After testing the e-cig and reviewing it, I found that it did not last as long as advertised (2 packs of cigarettes) , the battery did not last, and eventually the mall bought electronic cigarette atomizer, broke after 4 weeks!

Why are the mall e-cigs so overpriced?

These mall e-cigs are soo overpriced because the electronic cigarette company has a lot over overhead to deal with, and pass those incurred charges onto the customer. You can find e-cigarettes selling for over $200 at local mall kiosk or even more! This is ridiculous and should not even be this high for an electronic cigarette kit that only has one battery, one electronic cigarette atomizer, and an e-cig charger. This is outrageous and people are getting ripped off because they see it in the mall, and instantly they want the e-cig right then and there.

Where to get Cheaper electronic cigarettes?

You can find cheap electronic cigarettes all over the internet at cheap prices, and usually free shipping. These e-cigs are usually better quality than the e-cigarettes that are sold at mall kiosks and even ship the e-cig to you in about 2 days. If you do not want to search for cheap electronic cigarettes and spend your entire day researching on the internet for e-cigs, you can go to review websites to find the cheapest electronic cigarettes or the best electronic cigarettes all on one site. Don’t get fooled for the e-cigs at the mall, get the best electronic cigarettes online!

Don’t be fooled by the mall kiosks e-cigs advertising:

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