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Electronic cigarettes that are being sold at Walmart, are flat out garbage! I have personally purchased Electronic Cigarette Walmart, and let me tell you that this was the biggest piece of crap that I have ever purchased from Walmart, and the worst electronic cigarette that I have ever used. The battery died within an hour, the vapor was horrible, and the taste was disgusting. There are only a limited amount of stores that have Electronic Cigarette Walmart, and if you find one, let me tell you that the price is not even worth it at all. You would thing an Electronic Cigarette Walmart would be cheap, well because it is Walmart, but this electronic cigarette was not cheap. For having to chase it down, find what Walmart stores carry e-cigarettes, and the gas I wasted, it was an expensive, horrible cigarette. If you want to get a high quality electronic cigarette without having to go to Walmart, try a Smokeless Delite electronic cigarette. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your e-cigarette. We also offer a Lifetime warranty on all batteries and hardware. If anything should break or fail, we will replace it for free, no questions asked. We also offer some of the cheapest electronic cigarettes on the web, that no other electronic cigarette companies can compete with. We have starter kits as low as $24.99, and cartridges that are made in the USA to ensure quality, and safety.

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Electronic Cigarette Walmart Not Worth Looking For 

 Electronic Cigarette Walmart

Electronic Cigarette Walmart

Electronic Cigarette Walmart Prices Not Cheap 

If you think you are going to get a great deal by purchasing an Electronic Cigarette from Walmart, then let me tell you that you are wrong. If you can even find an Electronic Cigarette Walmart for sale, you are not going to be paying anywhere near the prices of Smokeless Delite, because we can offer the lowest prices on the web because we go straight to the consumer, rather than hitting the middle man. Smokeless Delite offers the highest quality electronic cigarettes, and the best customer service you will ever find online! The Walmart Electronic Cigarette might not be coming back ever, until they decide to buy wholesale from Smokeless Delite, the leader in smokeless cigarettes since 2008!

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Recently WALMART stopped carrying the electronic cigarette in their tobacco section. Smokers around the nation are outraged because they cannot buy their alternative nicotine source at a local large box retail store. Well now you are in luck, because not only can you get smokeless cigarette starter kits right here and get them shipped lighting last, you can also get some of the newest e-cigarettes that are not even sold at any retail store – The EGO-T. As you can see from the pictures below, this starter kit is not like any electronic cigarette you have seen in WALMART. These kits have larger batteries, tank atomizers where you can fill up your own flavor and nicotine levels of e-liquid. These kits are far superior to any WALMART electronic cigarettes. Give them a try, you will be amazed with the amount of Vapor that is produced with the EGO-T!!!

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