Electronic Cigarettes vs. Real Cigarettes

The discussion carries on about the safety of electronic cigarettes, commonly called e-cigarettes. The big question for you is: are they a less dangerous alternative to real cigarettes?

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Electronic Cigarettes vs. Real Cigarettes

The major distinction between both types is fairly straightforward. A standard cigarette uses up tobacco whereas the e-cigarette uses a battery-powered heat to vaporize odor free propylene glycol and has varying levels of nicotine contained in the e-cartridge. The vapor is then inhaled by the smoker, without including any real smoke.
Created by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003, electronic cigarettes were introduced to the market a few years later, sparking one controversy after another. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had threatened to ban their sale and nearly half-a-dozen anti-smoking groups have opposed them. The primary concern currently being its safety and exactly how it’s being marketed towards kids and teenagers.
Lobbyists representing tobacco companies have urged the FDA to consider severe action against electronic cigarette manufacturers and ban their sale, fearing a threat to their profits.  Nicotine in the liquid form can be dangerous, especially if it is made in exposure to the skin. There are a few uncertainties about the long term use of propylene glycol too.

Since their inception in to the international market, government bodies have advised the e-cig manufacturers to re-evaluate their safety precautions. They worry that not very much research has recently been undertaken to know what chemical substances or toxins are produced within the vapors from electronic cigarettes.

Scientists have expressed their uncertainties about insufficient health warnings within the package and environmentalists are concerned that not adequate precaution are being taken to dispose of e-cigarettes and its accessories, that could pose an eco potential for nicotine contamination.

It’s the advertising of electronic cigarettes which has faced lots of heat. Industry experts have risen significant issues that may increase nicotine dependency amongst younger age group and could possibly lure children to try tobacco-related merchandise.

Anti-tobacco aficionados debate that e-cigs may prompt adolescents to give it a try for the first time, because they come in tempting flavours such almond, cherry, chocolate and fruit. The truth that they are shaped and look just like a normal cigarette, promotes the social selling point of smoking. As they can be found online, it is deemed to be misused from the minors.

Electronic cigarette manufacturers have recommended that lots of regular smokers have found ways of reducing or quitting their smoking habit after trying e-cigarettes. And also the varying levels of nicotine acts a weaning device too. It’s claimed being clearly healthier when compared to the number of chemicals contained in tobacco smoke.

With the FDA not approving the use of Electronic Cigarettes, mostly because of their heavy political ties with big tobacco, ecigs will remain as they are, a safer alternative to real cigarettes and the on going debate for which is better is really left for the end consumer to determine.  At Smokeless Delite we feel that we are helping others to quit smoking, and not simply moving them from Electronic Cigarettes vs. Real Cigarettes. Being a previous  smoker myself, I know that these can help you quit if you have the right plan of action and choose the right program for yourself.


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