evic review

evic review

We decided to do a review on the evic from Joyetech from all the features and benefits form using the variable voltage device. The evic is a variable voltage device  with multiple features and has an update feature for new firmware with more options the evic has a unique menu system and is very user friendly and user compatible it features an 18650 size battery included with 2600 mah compacity comes with an intrusticon booklet on how to use the evic as well as the mvr witch keeps stats and puff counts all on your computer as well as the device. The evic is very easy to adjust the voltage and wattage it features a unique turn dial for up and down scrolling it is a very sleek device the screen on the device features a ohm meter as well as battery life percentage. My vapor record is a computer program that lets you set limits on puff hits and time of your draws also collects stats on how often you smoke the evic and also let’s you program your own settings from your computer and change the setting with the evic and change the variable volt and settings from the Joyetech.

joyetech evic black evic review

review on the evic – Features and Benefits 

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