Are Free E-Cigarette Trial Offers really FREE? Read the hidden truth…

Free Electronic Cigarettes Trial Offer

Get the inside scoop about these free e cigarette trial offers

Some e-cigarette companies are offering free e-cigarette trial offer for starter kits. These e-cigarette websites offer a free e-cigarette trial kit, but guess what… these free e-cigarettes trial offers are not FREE!!! These e-cigarette companies bait you into thinking that your are going to be getting a free e-cigarette starter kit if you simply put in your address and especially your email address and only pay for shipping and handling, which is only $9.95 for an e-cigarette to be free. Sounds like a great offer right, a free electronic cigarette. But if you read the title, free e-cigarette trial.   The word trial means that you have about 15 days to see if you like their e-cigarette or not. If you decide that you do like your new free e-cigarette, then do nothing and the company will charge your credit card anywhere from $129- $199 dollars for your free e-cigarette trial starter kit.

Here is where it gets better on the FREE TRIAL OFFER….

Not only do they charge you hundreds of dollars for your free e-cigarette trial offer starter kits, but these e-cigarettes companies  keep your credit information on file and automatically enroll you in their auto-ship  e-cigarette cartridge program. This e-cigarette auto-ship program  costs you anywhere from $69-$99 a month to receive about 2-3 packs of e-cigarette cartridges sent to you automatically without your authorization. These Free e-cigarettes trial offers are only out to get one thing, and that is to get your credit card, and to continue to bill you for e-cigarettes that you though were free.

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deluxe kit Are Free E Cigarette Trial Offers really FREE? Read the hidden truth...


Once you realize that your free e-cigarette trial offerS is not free you try and contact this e-cigarette company to get these charges taken off, but there is no number to contact these e-cigarette companies at all. And these e-cigarette companies hide the bank charges and try and make it look like another company so that you do not know who charged you these outrageous charges for your free e-cigarette trial offer. When it comes to trying to get your free e-cigarettes refunded for the extreme amount of charges that they have put on your card, these free e-cigarettes trial offer companies make it as impossible to refund as possible.


Do yourself a favor, and don’t fall for the free e-cigarette trial offer, that is usually on the radio, or on the web. Go with a trusted e-cigarette company that will offer you a 30 day money back guarantee  on all of its e-cigarettes, a one year warranty on all electronic cigarette products, and customer service that will treat you right when it comes to your e-cigarettes. These free electronic cigarette trail offer companies do not care on what you have to say, they will do everything  they can to make sure that you keep your e-cigarettes and not return all the product.

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Free E-Cigarettes Trail Offers – Are these Free Trial Offers FREE?

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