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Grand Vapor Warhead Missile Review

Grand Vapor Warhead Missile Review

We just received a large order of the Warhead Missiles form Grand Vapor, and decided to do a solid Grand Vapor Warhead Missile Review with a video review coming soon. The warhead custom missile V 1.5 is by one of the best mechanical built mods I have seen to date. They have an all over, full silver contact system which makes it remarkably consistent and reduces misfires by a substantial amount, copper firing pins allow for better connections between the mod itself and the tank which you have attached to it. It has an aluminum body for an all over light weight, durable design. Another convenient feature of the warhead missile is it is that it is a telescopic mod, so by twisting the bottom half of the mod, you can easily switch between an 18350 battery and an 18650.

 Grand Vapor Warhead Missile Review


Warhead Missile Electronic Cigarette Mod Review From Grand Vapor

All the warhead custom missiles are precisely cut a CNC machine for exact precision with fine cuts. They all include a design which is custom painted by hand, and the paint job will not chip or fade with regular use. Due to the fact that these are Filipino mods, which are top dollar, top of the line mods, authenticity certification is a must, and all of these mods are stamped with their own personal serial number on the Grand Vapor Missile electronic cigarette mod. These are all around amazing electronic cigarette mods, so if you are looking for top of the line product, the warhead custom missile V 1.5 is the way to go.  The design of this product is hand painted with an amazing feel,  No chipping with normal use, the Grand Vapor Warhead Missile is hand painted to you need to be very careful with it. Check out out at and check out the prices, and specs.

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