Healthy Electronic Cigarettes?-Are Electronic Cigarettes Healthier?

Electronic Cigarettes Healthy?

Are Electronic Cigarettes healthier than Cigarettes?

Are Electronic Cigarettes healthy substitute to cigarettes?

If you think that electronic cigarettes are healthy, then you are probably part of the millions that do think that electronic cigarettes are healthier than cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are promoted as healthy alternatives by many electronic cigarette companies. Does that make electronic cigarettes healthier? No! There needs to be studies, clinical trials, and reports on electronic cigarettes to proves that electronic cigarettes are healthy.

As of right now there are no rules that are governing electronic cigarettes, so they are assumed that electronic cigarettes are healthy. You might believe that electronic cigarettes are healthy, and it might eventually be true that electronic cigarette are healthy. One thing should be understood is that electronic cigarettes should not be marketed as electronic cigarettes are healthy. This is misconception on the consumers behalf, because they will believe that electronic cigarettes are healthy, when 5-10 years down the line it could potentially be known that electronic cigarettes are not healthy.

Do you believe Smokeless cigarettes are healthier than cigarettes?

Another reason not to market electronic cigarettes as healthy, is do to the fact that children might thing that smoking electronic cigarette is cool, or healthier instead of smoking cigarettes because they have flavored electronic cigarettes and these teens might think that flavored smokeless cigarettes are healthier. This would not be fair to market electronic cigarettes as healthy, because we need to protect the children from ingesting nicotine products. The electronic cigarette should be used as an alternative to smoking and not thought of as healthy electronic cigarettes.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Healthier?

Are Electronic Cigarettes Healthier? You be the Judge!

Why Promote Electronic Cigarettes as healthier?

Why do smokeless cigarettes companies promote electronic cigarettes as healthier alternatives to cigarettes? Well as a consumer and a smoker of cigarettes, it makes the decision to stop smoking cigarettes easy when they are promoted as a healthy alternative. If you smoke cigarettes for 20 years and you know cigarettes are not healthy, then going to electronic cigarettes when they are healthy will make you want to switch over to electronic cigarettes because you believe they are healthier than cigarettes.

When it comes down to cigarettes and electronic cigarettes being healthy, you must look at all the facts. Cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals, and some of them deadly carcinogens. This is a know fact about cigarettes and that they are not healthy, but cigarette smokers cannot quit smoking cigarettes because they are addicted to the nicotine.

Can E-Cigarettes be Healthier than Cigarettes?

When you look at electronic cigarettes, the main ingredients are propelyn glycol and nicotine in the electronic cigarette cartridges, and if you purchase non nicotine electronic cigarettes then all you will be getting is the propelyn glycol which is what makes the electronic cigarettes look like it is smoke, when the electronic cigarettes cartridges is only producing water vapor.

Healthier Alternatives to cigarettes – Smokeless Cigarettes?

Are Electronic Cigarettes Healthier than Cigarettes?

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Health Electronic Cigarettes – Are Electronic Cigarettes Healthy?

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