Nimbus Clone

Nimbus Clone

Nimbus Clone

Nimbus Clone is one of the most affordable RBA atomizers that you can buy to start learning how to rebuild tanks. When you are looking to get into rebuilding atomizer tanks and start blowing clouds, then the Nimbus Clone called the IGO is a perfect way to start learning and building. You can get a new RBA tank that looks like a genuine Nimbus or any other Filipino mod. These IGO RBA tanks come with everything you need to build your first tank. The Nimbus Clone is an affordable way to start. If you want to get high quality silica wick , or ekowool, then check out our full online store at for all of your atomizers, accessories. and parts to get into the advanced rebuilding and blowing some serious clouds!

Nimbus Clone Nimbus Clone

Nimbus Clone Is Affordable To Build With IGO Tanks 

Nimbus Clone is one of the most affordable and highest quality RBA tanks that you can get to start learning and start learning how to build. We have plenty of other rebuildable tanks that you can get at an affordable price for you to start getting into dripping and learning how to rebuild atomizer tanks! IGO  Dripper atomizer is a  high quality rebuildable dripper by Youde Technologies that is similar to the Nimbus!  This rebuildable dripper is a great style, similar to the Grand Vapor Nimbus while in dripping mode that is perfect for beginners looking to get into rebuilding.  The IGO Dripper RBA is made of 304 airplane grade stainless steel body and base with medical grade O-Ring connectors for perfect alignment with the air hole on the outer casing.  The design is similar to a Nimbus Clone and is set up for single or DUAL coil configuration with an extra post and two Philips head screws for negative/positive posts. The IGO Atomizer Dripper RBA is a standard 510 threaded with a sealed battery connector perfect for most 510 drip tips.  Rebuildable with silica wick, Ekowool,  or  braided rope and wire for the perfect build for beginners or experienced vapers! If you bore out the hole on the Nimbus Clone you will get some serious clouds with this afrobable CLONE!

Nimbus Atomizer Nimbus Clone


Nimbus Atomizer Clone Rebuildable Tank

Get all your Clone rebuildable tanks at an affordable price here with the Grand Vapor Nimbus Clone –

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