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Open Vapor Store

How Open A Vapor Store

If you are looking to Open Vapor Store. there are many things you should know and consider before trying to Open Vapor Store. First you need a substantial amount of capital, product, and a location. When it comes to buying product to open a vapor shop, you need to source all of your products from over 15 manufacturers in China in order to have a successful Vapor Lounge.When it comes to being the best vapor shop, you need a wide variety of products. Sourcing all of these products can take up to 200 hours of sourcing, communicating, and purchasing. We have been in the industry since 2008 and have built strong relationships with all of our suppliers, and currently house all the products you need to open a vapor lounge.If you want to get all of your electronic cigarettes, e-liquid, tanks, and mechanical mods, then we can help you get everything you need to get started opening up a vapor store. Give us a call or email and we can help with everything you need to open quickly! We can even train your employees on customer service, rebuilding atomizers, trouble shooting, and inventory management. We have opened multiple vape shops, and have helped over 50 retail vapor stores open and run a successful business. We can even help you do a demographic research on high traffic locations, web design, local SEO marketing, and pricing. When it comes to opening a successful business in the electronic cigarette retail industry, let us help you! Our track record of successful retail e-cigarette locations, and premium manufactured e-liquid has put us on the map as the best vapor store in California! Shoot us an email at –,, or call us at – 805-436-0446. We would be happy to be your direct supplier for wholesale prices, and business training for opening a vapor store!

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 Open Vapor Store


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