Smokeless Cigarettes – No Second Hand Smoke

Second Hand Smoke Dangers -It Affects The Ones You Love

Smokeless Cigarettes do not have second hand smoke!

Second hand smoke is very dangerous from cigarettes and can make people very ill. Many people smoke cigarettes but they do not think about the harmful side effects that their habit has on their family, friends, and the people that are around them when they light up their tobacco cigarettes.

What chemicals are emitted from tobacco cigarette smoke? Some of the chemicals that are emitted from tobacco cigarette smoke include arsenic, cadmium, ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene, methanol, carbon monoxide, polonium, and hydrogen cyanide. There are also over 40 known carcinogens from cigarettes that kill millions of people each year due to cancer.

Second Hand Smoke From Cigarettes-

What illnesses can second hand smoke from cigarettes cause? Believe it or not, even if you are not a cigarette smoker, just being around tobacco smoke from cigarettes can give you lung cancer. Second hand smoke from cigarette smokers can also cause lung disease.

What health effect does second hand smoke from cigarettes have for pregnant women and their unborn babies? If you are pregnant and are exposed to second hand smoke then it can cause the following: lower birth weight, cerebral palsy, sudden infant death syndrome, learning disabilities, and other disabilities. If a loved one who you know and care about smokes, and you are exposed to second hand smoke constantly, then smokeless cigarettes as an alternative is a viable and great alternative to cigarettes.

Second Hand Smoke from Smokeless Cigarettes?

What health effects does second hand smoke from cigarettes have on young children? Exposure to second hand smoke can cause the follow health effects in children: asthma, middle ear infections, respiratory infections, persistent coughing, cavities, irritability, eye issues, nasal issues, and wheezing.

What can be done to lessen these effects of second hand smoke? If you smoke traditional cigarettes then you should smoke in private and not around other people even if there are other smokers around. You should also not smoke tobacco cigarettes in your car because it is dangerous and even if you have the car window open the smoke can still be breathed in by your passengers.

Smokeless Cigarettes and the Second Hand Smoke

Traditional tobacco cigarettes are bad for your health and the health of others. If you are a person who smokes traditional cigarettes then you should try to find alternative ways to deal with your addiction. Before you smoke a cigarette, think about all of the chemicals and toxins that are in tobacco cigarettes and then decide if it is really for you. Consider the alternative that millions of smokers are turning to, smokeless cigarettes.

Millions of smokers in the United States have quit smoking and chosen an alternative to smoking cigarettes and picked up electronic cigarettes. Electronic Cigarettes are a new device that allow smokers to get their nicotine fix without giving off second hand smoke like traditional cigarettes. Here is a video that explains electronic cigarettes, and what smokeless cigarettes look like and how they work.

Smokeless Cigarettes Explained Video

Smokeless Cigarettes Starter Kits from Smokeless Delite-

smokeless cigarettes joy kit Smokeless Cigarettes   No Second Hand Smoke

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