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Stop Smoking While Pregnant-

Dangers Of Smoking  Cigarettes And Pregnancy dangers

Everyone knows that the dangers of smoking s are significant and should not be ignored when it comes to your life, and the life of a child especially during pregnancy. Among the dangers of smoking cigarettes during pregnancy are high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, emphysema, aging skin and stroke directly related to that of smoking. The dangers of smoking a cigarette are even greater among and around pregnant women.

Stages of pregnancy related to cigarettes

Throughout the stages of pregnancy, the dangers of smoking on the fetus are extraordinary. Smoking has been linked to increased risks in cleft lip and palate, diabetes, obesity, and mental retardation in newborns. The dangers of smoking  cigarettes while pregnant also include a greater chance of miscarriage. The dangers of smoking  during pregnancy do not affect the child alone. A pregnant woman may develop a premature rupture of the membranes, abruption placenta, or placenta previa, all of which could cause trouble with clotting, hemorrhaging, and even death. In women who survive severe cases of placental abruption or placenta previa, they sometimes are forced to go through a hysterectomy, an invasive surgery with its own risks that also disables them from having future children after being pregnant.

Cigarettes affecting before pregnant

In the case when a woman smokes throughout the duration of her pregnancy with no adverse events, the children born to these mothers are still at an increase risk of dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Children born to cigarette smoking mothers are in fact twice as likely to die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome than children whose mothers did not expose them to the unnecessary dangers of smoking around their unborn child while pregnant.

Quit smoking cigarettes during pregnancy before it is too late

If you are expecting to have a child and want to prepare, it is ideal for the soon to be mother to quit smoking a minimum of 6 months before trying to get pregnant. This would allow some of the toxins and chemicals to detox from the body, leaving the body healthier to support a child. Cigarettes are a dangerous drug, and are very addictive. If it is hard to quit smoking, and you have tried everything from the patch, to the gum, you might want to give electronic cigarettes a shot as an alternative to cigarettes that can help you on your road to nicotine freedom. Lean more about the alternative to cigarettes that can save you money and gain your freedom back and check out smokeless cigarettes.

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Dangers of smoking during pregnancy-

According to the Centers for Disease Control, in the United States, about 11 percent of women continue smoking cigarettes throughout pregnancy. This relatively small number contributes $366.1 million in neonatal health care expenditures and these pregnancies cost on average about six times more than those of non-cigarette smoking mothers. The dangers of smoking  cigarettes clearly outweigh any benefits that the pregnant women may feel they gain by smoking traditional cigarettes.

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Stop Smoking Cigarettes While Pregnant-

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