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Vapormate  is a new electronic cigarette company by Smoke Away that is selling smokeless cigarettes with red tips on the  battery in both natural and menthol flavor.  Vapormate is a company that has an smokeless cigarette commercial on the radio and possibly  on television promoting the Vapormate television commercials such as talk radio, and and other radio  commercial spots. Vapormate has a portable carrying charger with a red LED on the smokeless cigarette. This is a wall charger portable carrying starter kit from Vapor Mate. But how god is the e-cigarette they are selling on And according to their web site, they do not show any pricesBUYER BEWARE!!!.

How good is the Vapormate e-cig?

The Vapormate e-cig is an imported smokeless cigarette that simply has a red led on the e cig. The Vapormate e-cig can be classified into 3 categories for the review. Vapor quality, Battery life, overall review of the Vapormate electronic cigarettes. Continue reading to see how well the Vapormate held up in this review edition. This Vapormate review will give you all the info you want before you decide to get scammed by their free offer.

Vapor Quality Vapormate e-cig Reviews- 5.9 out of 10

The Vapormate e-cig review of the vapor quality was not that great, these smokeless cigarettes did not produce a lot of vapor compared to other regular e-cigarettes or USA made cartridges. The Vapor was not what we expected, so we tried another cartridge, and we got the same result.

Battery Life of the Vapormate e-cig 6.5 out of 10

Battery life of the Vapormate  was good, only because of the portable carrying charger was able to keep the battery charged when you wanted to. However the size of the starter kit was too small, and did not keep a good charge on the battery. This was a big part of the Vapor Mate Review, that is why we gave the review a 6.5 out 10. There are bigger, better, stronger, batteries out there that you can buy online.

Overall Review of the Vapor Mate  -6.3 out of 10

The Vapormate e-cig Review got a 6.3 out of 10. It was good, but not the best smokeless cigarette on the market. The vapor was not the best, battery life was ok, but for the price of the starter kit, it was average. There are better ecigarettes out on the web right now, and you can even find e-cigs that are USA made. The best smokeless cigarette that we found was one that the electronic cigarettes were made in the USA. Check out Smokeless Delite, or Google smokeless cigarettes to find other electronic cigarettes.

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